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ARG /rīziNG/ II, 2015 - 2016

27 hot pink 36" mylar letter balloons

9 kiss lips mylar balloons

hot pink ribbon 

dimensions variable


This particular artwork of AdrienneRose Gionta's alludes to one of the oldest rituals in society; the use of the monogram. Religions have been using the monogram to represent Jesus Christ throughout history. This can be referred to as a christogram. Eastern Christianity uses the traditional ICXC--a traditional abbreviation of the Greek words for “Jesus Christ;” while western Christians use IHS (Jesus Savior of Men) and IHC (In His Service) and can be documented back to the fourteenth century. ARG modernizes this tradition in her work.From a feminist perspective she is practicing a tactic ritual used by the mass media. She bombards us with repetitive images and objects that insert an agenda (her name). This equates to her building a public identity and an attempt to have her voice heard. The fact the viewer has to look up, places her ritual self on a higher plane and elevates her importance (similar to religious ritual) and status in society. The artists states that she is the last Gionta and female without children to carry on the family name. Her use of monogram and branding (through repetition, color and text) carry on the name. - Written by artist & curator Diane Arrieta. 



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